We Build

There are 3 amazing PC build packages we offer, all are fantasticly priced.  Every PC is built with the individual in mind, with no two PCs exactly the same.  We cater for every Gaming need.
-  The Starter  -
£150 to £300
This package is ideal for those gamers just getting started, or those who are on a tight budget but want something that still carries a punch.
-  The Casual Gamer  -
£400 to £700
If you need something that requires a little more 'oomph', but isn't too outrageous in price then this package is ideal.
-  The Expert  -
For those who just want to go balls to the wall with their PC.  This is packed to the rim with top of the range kit; you name the price tag we will fill it up.
All builds come with unlimited tech support and a 6 month warranty.
Contact us at info.gamerbase@gmail.com, to enquire about the best package for you.